100 days Fat 1/8 Rainbow Kona Cotton Solids Bundle


Price: Per bundle.

Composition: 100% Cotton

Size: 38 fat 1/8’s

1 in stock (can be backordered)

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A Rainbow bundle consisting of 38 fat 1/8’s of Kona Cotton Solids cut straight from the bolt. These colours are the colours I used to create my 100 days quilt. For those of you that haven’t seen it I have included an image of the quilt top which shows how all the colours work together.

The bundle has 6 main colour groups. The neutrals includes 3 greys and white. There are 6 different shades of both green and blue, 7 different shades of both orange and purple and 8 shades of pink. You’ve seen how these colours work together. These bundles would be perfect for those of you wanting to make your own rainbow quilt from solids. They would also be great as a stash builder for those times when you need a complimentary solid for a beautiful print. I love solids because they give your eye somewhere to rest and really help define elements of your quilt.

Every fabric in the bundle comes complete with fabric labels so you know the name and code for each colour. How annoying is it when you buy a bundle and find a favourite fabric but can’t order more because you don’t know what the fabric is? Almost impossible with solids and I have had to solve this problem by colour matching scraps several times. With the labels you will be able to re-order your favourite shade easily and with confidence.

Kona Cotton Solids come with the assurance of Oeko-Tex certification, which certifies that no harmful chemicals were used in the production, processing or finishing of these goods.


This bundle is also available in fat 1/4 and fat 1/16.

Note: A fat 1/8 is half of a fat quarter cut across the fabric.



Please note: While every effort is made to represent colour accurately, every monitor is different and I cannot guarantee the colours you see match the colours of actual fabric.

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